Fairy Tails' Pet Pebbles for Dog Water Bowls - Dog Urine Neutralizer for Lawns, Dog Water Stones Urine, Stones for Dogs Water Bowl - Dog Urine Neutraliser/Dog Wee Neutraliser for Grass

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Brand: Fairy Tails


  • ✅ GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER - Pet Pebbles are an effective pet pebbles alternative dog urine neutralizer for lawns which help prevent pesky urine stains left by your pets stopping the need for grass patch repair in as short as 3 WEEKS! Acting as a lawn protector from dogs the pet pebbles act as a dog wee neutraliser, keeping your lawn greener and fuller for longer with no additional treatment needed of other dog urine rocks, rock sulphur for dogs water or zeolite
  • ✅100% NATURAL - Pet Pebbles are a naturally and responsibly sourced pet pebbles for water bowls - dog water stones urine alternative found in Scotland the pet pebbles act as a dog wee neutraliser in order to leave the best results for your lawn patch repair needs and the environment! Our pet pebbles for water bowls are sourced to keep your pet happy and remove the need for lawn patch repair from other rocks for dog water, dog urine rocks or rock sulphur for dogs water
  • ✅ VET APPROVED - No need to worry about Pet Pebbles containing harmful chemicals that could harm your precious pet. Pet Pebbles for water bowls that are a completely natural solution dog pee neutraliser and dog wee neutraliser. Our dogs water stones urine act as the perfect addition to your dogs water bowl to save grass patch repair! Try our Pet Pebbles / dog urine neutraliser solution today! With dog urine neutralizer for lawns there is no need for other Dog urine rocks.
  • ✅ HOW DO THEY WORK? - Pet Pebbles / dog urine neutraliser that work as a dog wee neutraliser sponge with the Porous Paramagnetic Igneous Rock. This comes from the Pet Pebbles helping to filter out harmful nitrates and tin which when consumed by your pet leads to urine burn patches. Our rocks for dog water help stop the burn which left untreated can require lawn patch repair. Try our dog urine rocks today and remove the need for rock sulphur for dogs water today!
  • ✅PET PEBBLE PROVEN - Pet Pebbles are the perfect lawn protector from dogs. Pet Pebbles have been tested against competitors, thanks to Pet Pebbles Unique smaller Pet Pebbles size, a greater surface area is available to your pets water supply leading to greater filtration and therefore quicker grass repair, the most effective dog urine neutraliser! The sooner you use our Pet Pebbles for water bowls solution the less chance you will need lawn patch repair!

Details: Product description

How it All Started

After many years at Fairy Tails of trying different dog urine neutralisers and seeing the harmful environmental impact many of these products had on our gardens, our team set out to create pet pebbles for water bowls natural solution to the lawn patch repair urine burn marks that plagued our gardens. After trying all the competitors in the market with no success, we created Pet Pebbles, which we believe is the best pet pebbles for water bowls for pesky burn marks left by our Pets!

Information about Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles

Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles are pet pebbles for water bowls made from responsibly sourced volcanic rock found in Scotland. Where else would be better to source volcanic pet pebbles than one of the most volcanic landscapes in the world, Scotland. Environmental impact is a main focus of our brand as such our packaging and products are responsibly sourced. As such we would kindly ask you to recycle our packaging.

How Do Pet Pebbles Work?

Pet Pebbles are made of paramagnetic igneous rock, the pet pebbles when placed in your pet's water bowl help remove the impurities found in water such as nitrates and tin without affecting your pets PH level. These impurities lead to yellow burn patches on your lawn. Our pet pebbles help to stop dog pee from killing grass!

Directions of use
-Remove rocks from box and rinse
-Place 200g in 2 litres of water in your pet's bowl
-Watch as the yellow stains disappear and your luscious green lawn returns

For best results we recommend
-Monitor your pet's water source as only water which has been treated with Pet Pebbles will have the desired effect.
-Feed your pet premium dry food
-Limit pet's raw meat intake
- Change Pet Pebbles at 2 weeks in order to maintain maximum effectiveness.


Paramagnetic Igneous Rocks


-Remove rocks from box and rinse -Place 200g in 2 litres of water in your pet's bowl -Watch as the yellow stains disappear and your luscious green lawn returns

Safety Warning

Incorrect use of this product can cause harm to both human and pets welfare. It is therefore essential that any directions are followed carefully and Veterinary advice is sought where appropriate. This product includes packaging which if not disposed of safely could cause harm to both the environment and human/animal life. If your pet is known to have any preexisting conditions or allergies, it is essential you seek veterinary advice prior to use. If your pet begins to show signs of illness or allergy, always seek veterinary advice immediately.

Legal Disclaimer

Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles are a natural solution to grass burn patches created by your dog’s urine. If used correctly, once added to your dog’s main water source, these burn patches should visibly diminish or stop appearing within 4-6 weeks of using Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles. Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles work by actively filtering your dog’s drinking supply. Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles is not a medication, and does not alter the pH balance of your dog’s urine. When these instructions are followed correctly, there are no known side effects on dogs from the use of Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles. If you are in doubt, or if your dog has a pre-existing medical condition, please consult with a veterinarian professional before using Fairy Tails’ Pet Pebbles with your dog. This product is intended for use on animals as listed above, any misuse of the product is subject to the user's responsibility when instructions are correctly followed. This product is not for human consumption and if consumed, you should seek medical attention immediately. These products have been approved for use on the animals listed above, however when supplementing for your pet veterinary advice should always be taken prior to first use. If your pet has any known allergies or conditions it is essential you consult your vet prior to use. This product and packaging should be stored and disposed off responsibly as to not cause an

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