OK, I am getting p*ssed off with irate people calling me at stupid o'clock accusing me of taking money from their bank accounts!!!!! Firstly I HAVE NOT taken any money from your account.
Secondly, I own the domain name poundsaver.co.uk - this DOES NOT (<< read that again, it says DOES NOT!) mean that I have anything to do with any reference to POUND SAVER on your bank statement! If the reference
read POUNDSAVER.CO.UK I could understand the confusion but it doesn't does it!!

Now that's hopefully in your brain here's some info:

At the time of this page going up there are 9 pages of people affected by this problem at this link: POUND SAVER TOOK MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT

If you read all that thread you will discover that your details appear to have been passed on to a company called Encore Card Marketing - who run the POUND SAVER programme - by the sounds
of it various shopping channels appear to be the ones passing on your details after you have made a purchase online or over the phone (Pitch tv and Pitch World are mentioned numerous times) - it also
appears that YOU HAVE PROBABLY OPTED IN TO THIS SERVICE either by not unticking a check box when checking out online or by agreeing to receive some vouchers when paying over the telephone.

What you need to do: Most importantly, resist the urge to call me at 7am as I can't help you - Then call your bank who more than likely will be able to help!

########## UPDATE: The company running the PoundSaver and Classic Living programmes (Encore Card Marketing) have moved to a few different URL's recently and now appear
to be operating under a different company name - L-EV8 Marketing Ltd, the new website with contact address/email is here: PoundSaver / Classic Living.

Additionally there's an individual site for the PoundSaver programme that also contains a contact phone number. This site has also had a change of URL and can now be found here: PoundSaver

########## FINAL UPDATE: This page is becoming out of date and I really can't be arsed to keep updating it. You'll need to do your own research to get your poundsaver account closed and try and get refunds, they're not hard to find!

One final thing, LEV-8 are members of the Direct Marketing association. If you have issues with the way they allegedly allow their affiliated TV shopping channels to mislead customers into signing
up to their poundsaver program I suggest you make a complaint to them, which can be done via the Direct Marketing Commission.

Lastly, I'd like to say thanks to L-EV8 Marketing limited, Encore Card Marketing limited and the various affiliated shopping channels for causing me a huge amount of hassle and wasting a massive amount of my time - pricks!